Salt and pepper shaker, round with Swarovski

This round set with Swarovski crystals made of pure stainless steel consists of a salt shaker, pepper shaker and a container for toothpicks. A ménage-à-trois with many small details. This elegant accessory is suitable for the sophisticatedly set table for all your special occasions.
All parts can be cleaned hygienically, as the containers can be opened on both sides.

Timeless Details Model name: Larissa Caph

Edelstahl Oberflächenfarbe
  • Mirror


Weight: 595 g
height: 150 mm
diameter: 50 mm

This model is from a series of 6 different designed salt, pepper shakers and containers for toothpicks.
All our products are made of the best and selected materials under the highest quality guidelines and standards.

Care instructions for crystal glass

Crystal glasses are very high quality products, which are often treated like this. If they follow the care instructions, they can enjoy them for a very long time.
Please do not clean crystal glasses in the dishwasher but always clean them manually.

The cleaning agents and also the salt used in the dishwasher damage the surface. Engravings and other refinements also take damage in the dishwasher. Likewise, dry dust cloths are not suitable for cleaning and caring for the crystal glasses, since they can cause scratches when polishing them.

Please clean your crystal glass as follows:

1. put a few drops of mild detergent in lukewarm water.
2. clean your lead crystal glasses carefully with a soft sponge.
3. rinse the crystal glass with clear, cold water.
4. use a lint-free cloth to gently rub the glasses dry.

Stainless steel care

To clean the "Timeless Details" stainless steel products, use only a slightly moistened microfiber cloth and no cleaning agents.

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