Grappa Glass

Grappa glass Stölzle Quadrophil, with the patented Timeless Details stainless steel base.This drinking glass for Grappa is from the Stölzle Quadrophil series, machine-made, beautifully shaped and with the exclusive stainless steel sleeve perfectly matching all our glass holders.Strongly cubic accentuated shape.The stand is made of solid stainless steel,...
Grappa Glass

Zwiesel 1872 Grappa drinking glass

Grappa glass Zwiesel 1872, mouth-blown, for the very special demand. With patented Timeless Details stainless steel base, perfectly balanced drinking pleasure.This drinking glass for grappa is from the Zwiesel 1872 series and is particularly impressive in its quality. Handmade and mouth-blown, this glass from the series THE FIRST is made for the very...
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