Stainless steel candleholder square

Square candleholder made of stainless steel.

Square candleholder highly polished, made of stainless steel, noble, simple and luxurious.
Square candleholder, perfect for any occasion and any room and furniture.

Weight: 520 g
height: 35 mm
Size: 50 mm * 50 mm

Timeless Details Model name: Dione Canopus

Edelstahl Oberflächenfarbe
  • Mirror


Suitable for a tea light.

This model is from a series of 6 different candleholders.
All our products are made from the best and selected materials under the highest quality guidelines and quality standards.

Care instructions:
To clean the "Timeless Details" stainless steel products, use only a slightly moistened microfiber cloth and no cleaning agents.

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