Glass holder square free standing with Swarovski crystals on top

Square glass holder with Swarovski Elements crystals arranged on top, made of stainless steel, free-standing, square, suitable for all Timeless Details glasses

This square-shaped glass holder in square form, captivates by the polished stainless steel with the Swarovski Elements crystals on top. All models are suitable for all drinking glasses from our Timeless Details model series. For free positioning of your Timeless Details drinking glasses, the high weight ensures a firm stand. The directly incorporated Swarovski crystals are integrated individually, each with its own hole and provide an additional optical effect through the thousandfold refraction of light.
The perfect drinking glass holder, the special designer piece, ideal as a table accessory and also perfect as decoration.
The delivery takes place in a noble gift box and is therefore also perfectly suitable as a gift for any occasion such as a wedding.

Weight: 350 g
height: 70 mm
Size: 65 * 65 mm
With 3 rows of Swarovski Elements crystals, each crystal individually embedded in a hole

Timeless Details Model: Trinculo Hamal

Edelstahl Oberflächenfarbe
  • Mirror


This model is from a series of 6 differently designed glass holders.
All our products are made of the best and selected materials under the highest quality guidelines and quality standards.

Care instructions:
To clean the "Timeless Details" stainless steel products, use only a slightly moistened microfiber cloth and no cleaning agents.

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