Vase Calypso Vindetrix for inserts

The round glass vases CALYPSO Vindetrix are specially designed for the Timeless Details inserts.

    Suitable for all Timeless Details® Inserts
    are simply inserted into the inserts (e.g. instead of a drinking glass)
    Available in 200mm or 300mm height
    Other surface finishes available on request
    Integrated sealing ring
    Height: 200mm

Timeless Details

Edelstahl Oberflächenfarbe
  • Mirror


Decorate the rim of your bathtub or whirlpool with a discreet glass vase that will still turn heads. Designed specifically for the Timeless Details® inserts, the vases can be easily inserted into the insert (just like a Timeless Details® glass). This functionally beautiful accessory is also particularly popular on boats and for Private Jet tables.

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